React Advanced Project: the Event App

This was the final assignment for the advanced module of the React course. We had to build an App where you could check out events and be able to modify or delete them. The App contains a homepage where the events are displayed and when clicked, there's a detailed version of the event. Mandatory was a searchbar, and a search function to search by categories. I added a filter function for a-Z, date and category. Also there's an option to show more events.

This project was quite the challenge for a beginner but luckily I'm all here for challenges.

Design wise I choose for hard and contrasting colors. The black being a dark space and the yellow being the light effects. Makes you want to go out and have fun, right? The App is also responsive.

Code wise I choose to make it as simple as possible, so it would be easier for me to learn and look back at it. I could've used more complex hooks (like useContext) and I would love to become better at this in the future. I've made use of React Router Dom, Formik, Yup and Chakra UI.

The app was orignally working with a local host but I moved the database to Heroku.

Check out the live version

Check out the code on GitHub